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The Hebrew word for "Spirit" is Ruah, it appears 389 times in the Old Testament. Other basic meanings are wind, power and the breath of God. When subscribed to a person Ruah is God's vital strength and presence in our life. Healing occurs when we allow God's strength to come upon us. May the Wind of the Spirit and Spiritual Strength of God rest upon you.


FJ Artisan Oils

Relaxing blend of Bamboo and Caribbean floral skin safe pure oils.The fragrance is infused with the fresh scent of Bamboo and Jasmine.


Bamboo plants grow rapidly over night and the cane stalks are said to be strong as steel.The fiber strength of Bamboo stalks allow deep flexibility without breaking. May your healing be rapid with a deep unbreakable strength.


While mixing our oils we play peaceful healing music and we pray "Renewed Strength" for the one who will wear it. Ruah can be worn as a Fragrance, used for anointing the body or as Aromatherapy on your pillow. Available in a convenient, travel friendly

.6 oz roll on vial.


$12.50 USD each/shipping included USA


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